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"Backseat Studio"  "Magic Cental (sic)"  "Seat de Back"

The Backseat studio is an 1800 square foot full service studio (3 tracking rooms and a huge comfy mixing room). The Backseat studio features a vintage British Console backed by a world class digital infrastructure, a well-tailored microphone selection, and PMC AML1 monitors. It also features a full compliment of vintage amps, drums and keyboards! Without fail, we hear from our clients that it is the most comfortable, homey and inspiring studio they have ever experienced!

“Driverside” “home away from home” “affordable excellence”

Our Driverside studio is designed for the band or artist who is looking to engineer their own project. Driverside measures 835 square feet and is stocked with a modern 16 channel mini-console, custom built high-end speaker/monitors, a vintage drum kit, an amp nook, and a vocal booth.  The modular wall system is designed for sonic excellence and versatility. Our aim is to have the room mic’d and ready for studio savvy musicians to experiment and create in a low cost professional environment!


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