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DIY recording

Both our Backseat Studio and our Driverside Studio have good acoustic properties and high end speakers.  If you want your project mastered here, we have what it takes.  We'll do it cheap and make it sound great. Mastering is the process of taking your completed mixes and: putting the songs in sequence (correct song order), EQing any stray frequencies with the goal of having it sound great and cohesive; refining the spacing between tunes so that the record flows naturally from song to song with the correct emotional impact; setting the volume from song to song so that it flows unobtrusively; and the always controversial compression/limiting process which sets the volume of the CD as a whole.  We make quiet masters that retain their dynamics. We won't SMASH a recording so that it tires out the listener. We'll do the dithering process and send you home with the Master CD that you send off to the plant - or upload for digital download!  All that said if you have a larger budget and would like to master out of house, Jim will be happy to recommend a few super-pro mastering houses in the $1000+ range who will rock your world too!


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