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DIY recording

In addition to mixing the tracks we have recorded at Backseat Productions, we find a great deal of satisfaction in the challenge of mixing tracks recorded at home or at another studio. If you have a multi track recording done in just about any format we'll refine and polish the individual tracks for you so the song comes together and sounds like a 'record' (we just mixed the daylights out of a record done on Garage Band and the transformation was stunning!). We can add renewed energy, a fresh ear, a host of professional outboard gear and plugins (UAD, Waves Vintage, Flux, Soundtoys, Abbey Road, Altiverb, Antares and more!), and possibly even mix it out through the console if it's the right project. We have what we think are the best Studio Speaker/Monitors in the world: PMC AML1's and you'll hear your recording transform with a level of detail that is, well, let's say majestic! 


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