why folks love us.


"We became such good friends with Jim right off the bat. He is the perfect neutralizer to have in a studio and was very supportive of the methods we wanted to employ, some of which are kind of unorthodox nowadays." - Matt Milia of Frontier Ruckus from DeepCutz interview


"It’s like home. The kind of home where magic happens."- Kate Peterson of Nervous But Excited


"Working with Jim in the studio is like having your favorite uncle take you on vacation. He knows when to let you have fun and get away with stuff, and he knows when to impart his wisdom." - Breathe Owl Breathe


"The atmosphere at Backseat is perfect, you feel like you're sitting at home, only surrounded by fantastic equipment.  It makes the entire process relaxed where you can just let the music come naturally...everything just feels right.  And then there's the amazing Jim Roll.  Aside from being a talented engineer, with all of the skills and insight that you need for a quality recording, he really became a part of the group and was able to capture the heart of our music and what we were trying to do.  With Jim, you get more than just an engineer and a studio...you get the record that you really want to make." - Eric Anderson of Lake Folk


"Working with Jim on our second album was an absolute pleasure. His humor and positive energy immediately created a sense of comfort that made the tracking incredibly efficient and enjoyable.  His production aesthetic and command of the studio were also huge assets to the sessions: i.e. finding unique ways of micing and EQing the instruments, getting some of the best snare tones I've ever heard, adding compression without taking away from the natural sound of the human voice. Beyond his technical knowledge, Jim possesses a great musical intuition that must come from years of being a singer/songwriter himself. In our case, his frequent creative input (possible instrumentations, ways of performing a part, and vocal harmonies etc.) had a great and welcome influence on the album. In sum, we could not be happier with our experience at Backseat Studios. Thanks Jim!" - Alex Wand of Light In August


"Jim has an ability to make you feel real comfortable off the bat. He becomes your friend and once your away for a while you start to miss the place, and Jim … his character is so enjoyable and as an engineer he has such a kind soul, and this is really conveyed in the records. The studio is a great place to be, real cozy. Jim has such a kind presence to be around, and this aids in the overall vibe of things recorded at Backseat."- Brandon Foote of Gifts or Creatures


"Working with Jim at Backseat Productions was the most rewarding musical experience I've had.  He was supportive throughout, even after long days when I constantly fucked up.  He has a really great way of calming everyone down and then getting the best out of them! I definitely wouldn't record anywhere else in Michigan!" - Erin Shellman of Lake Folk




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